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S.E.R.P. ... Is an acronym for 'Search Engine Results Page' (Rankings), which is the list of URLs along with a short description (text snippet) of documents that the search engine ranking algorithms has determined are the best matches for the users query.



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Chris Hirst

Been in web development and 'marketing' longer than I care to recall, but have a different maybe unique,  perspective on it  that is sort of "new" to programming, as due to a minor cerebral infarction  I have 'forgotten' lots of 'stuff', so I am almost starting from scratch in rebuilding what I already knew. Unfortunately re-learning or rebuilding knowledge, is not as easy as learning it from scratch is. So when I have a bit of a pop at anyone for not knowing the basics of something simply because you apparently decided that you don't need to know that and you can just get straight on with the complicated bits. Just think on that it is not always plain sailing.

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