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1: Absolutely no link dropping or spamming of any kind will be tolerated.
2: Keep it clean: No profanity or crude language.
3: Keep it nice: No sexist, racist or "hate" posts allowed

Please note; THIS is an ENGLISH language site, posting in any other languages will be deleted.

Posting & Linking:

4: No "Adult", "pharmacy" or gambling URIs in the public forums
5: No affiliate or referral links/URIs allowed.
This includes "paid download sites" and URL shortening redirects to affiliate links or pages.
6: Absolutely no "warez" or "file-sharing" links or URIs are allowed at all.
7: No "link exchange" requests.
8: No hosting "shill" posts or links. Breaking rules 5,6,7 or 8 will result in your posts being deleted and your account will be banned.
9: "profile building" or count "padding" posts eg: "great info", "thanks for this" and so on will be deleted. If you have nothing to add, then add nothing.


Note: A signature is not an automatic right at Webmaster-Talk, and as such has to be earned.

A maximum of THREE LINES. (determined at a browser width of 1024px).
A maximum of THREE LINKS and links in signatures MUST comply with the rules on linking and posting generally.
NO changes of font-face or font-size are allowed.
NOimages in signature are allowed.

Forum Username/Nickname/Handle:

Using the names of Celebrities, Sports personalities etc will NOT be allowed.
And "keyword" usernames will not be allowed

Usernames that do not follow these rules will be changed by the administrators.


Additional Guidelines for Authors and Publishers

Article Rules and Guidelines.

If you are thinking of publishing an article with WMTeu these are the guidelines to follow:

The article must be in English, British or American, be grammatically correct and free from spelling errors.

It must be your own work, preferably not published elsewhere and absolutely NOT copied from an "article bank" and "spun".
It must be a complete article, NOT just "intro text" or a "teaser" with a "Read more..." link

There must be no self-promotional links, references or URIs embedded in the content of the article unless prior permission has been given by WMTeu administrators or permission is implied by the user group you are a member of..
Links or references to pages that are located on known reference websites or standards authorities will be allowed regardless of member group or permission being granted.
WMTeu will publish a list of pages and websites that, in our opinion are considered as useful resources for webpage development, graphic design, search optimisation and promotion.
If you have your own website, be it a "blog", "CMS" or discussion forum you are allowed to place a link to that in your article signature (see the site rules on signatures)


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