Quick Tips

Well, doesn't everybody know that?

Quick Tips

is a section that is dedicated to the simple things that we take for granted and forget that not everybody knows such details. These are often fundamental but are easily overlooked when explaining an operation for new comers to web development.
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HTTP to HTTPS rewrite Written by Chris Hirst
Capitalisation Written by Chris Hirst
Joomla! Editors Written by Chris Hirst


  • Web Development and Site Management
    Quick Tips about development and management of a website.
  • Creating content and writing copy

    Tips and hints on writing content for pages using the English language.

    If English (British or American) is not your first language, or even if it is, getting the grammar and spelling correct is important if you do not want your words to be misunderstood or misinterpreted by your audience.

  • Content Management Systems

    Tips on configuring, setting up, or using various content management systems whether it is for a forum, blog system, article manager.