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Written by Chris Hirst. Posted in Web Development and Site Management on 04 March 2016.
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Upload a WordPress theme.

There are some cases where WordPress themes will not install using the 'zip' file archive method, this is usually due to the way the archive has been made which results in a folder structure that WordPress cannot recognise, to rectify this you need to use a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client such as FileZilla to upload your theme. Once the FTP client is installed and you have set up the user details for access to your server you can start.

First of all you should unzip the file that your theme came as when you downloaded it, you then need to locate the top most folder of the theme, this folder will contain a file named 'style.css' [along with other folders and files]. Start your FTP client and login to the "remote host" (your web server) then navigate on the server to the "wp-content/themes/"  folder, and on the 'local machine' pane navigate to the folder identified earlier, then copy the files from the 'local' to 'remote'. There will be several ways to do this depending on what FTP client you are using, but in FileZilla this can be done by 'dragging' the local folder to the remote 'themes' folder.
The client will then upload all the necessary files to the server ready to be used by WordPress. Once the upload has completed, you will be able to login to your WordPress dashboard and 'activate' your new theme.

If you have any problems, please start a thread in the Content Management System section, provide us with the details and we will try to assist.

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